AnySend - Send AnyFile, AnySize, AnyWhere
AnySend allows you to send any file, any size, anywhere - for free!
Sending files was never so easy Just drag all the files, pictures, videos, to AnySend window, specify the recipient(s) and let us do the rest.
Step 1: Download Setup File
Step 2: Click "Run" or "Save File" in Firefox
Step 3: Click "Run" once more
Step 4: Easy installation will begin
Free Full Version for Windows 7, Vista, XP
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License: Free
Requirements: No special requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Last Updated: July 02, 2012
The most complete sending solution ever, AnySend breaks industry rules by offering a free product that will send anything.

AnySend is a pioneer in the user interface, price and speed by using the latest network technologies, AnySend will choose always the best and fastest network route to transfer your file. AnySend also integrates into your mouse interface, you only need to drag a file with you mouse...
AnySend is excellent for your home, friends and work place.

AnySend is compatible with Win XP, Vista and Windows 7.
What do you get?
  • AnySend is FREE
  • Support any file size - unlimited
  • Amazing Drag and Drop sending
  • Send a direct link to a file and to an email address
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Supported OS:
Windows XP/Vista/7